Supply Chain Engineer
Hillsboro , Oregon
January 12, 2017
The supply chain engineer will be responsible for influencing, developing, and implementing labor strategies that optimize the utilization of internal blue badge factory resources and supplier green badge resources within a selected functional area. In this role, the candidate will interface directly with stakeholders in TD, FSM, GSM, and Equipment Suppliers to determine the best labor mixes and options to ensure the most cost effective paths to achieve TD and factory start up and ramp goals for new technologies. As such, considerations such as labor capacity, quality, and capability must be thoroughly understood. This role will require a strong partnership with TD as the supply chain engineer will be responsible for validating and optimizing durations for both new tool installs and tool conversions. The individual will partner with GSM account teams to ensure equipment and suppliers can deliver performance against schedule and will resolve escalations within FSM and TD. Additionally, the candidate will be responsible for partnering with the VF and Equipment Suppliers to drive overall labor content reduction in a selected functional area and smooth labor fluctuations internally and with the Suppliers.


The candidate is responsible for achieving results in the following areas:

1.In partnership with TD, factory customers, and suppliers, influence and develop the labor supply chain and make improvements that lead to cost optimization and increased workforce capability in a selected functional area.

2.Develop a close partnership with TD stakeholders to fully understand needs and requirements to support the business.

3.Work collaboratively with TD and suppliers to understand tool micro-schedules and optimize durations for tool installs.

4.Interact with senior levels of FSM and TD managers as well as Equipment Suppliers to drive change in current labor methodologies without imposing risk

5.Collaborate with factory experts to identify and implement systematic improvements in support of the safe and affordable installation, qualification (I/Q), sustaining and demo of equipment in a selected functional area

6.Support site level ramp readiness, supplier summits, supplier report cards, and quality issue resolution related to service and training

7.Assist in supplier I/Q, sustaining, and demo related escalation resolution and mitigation

8.Represent supplier service and training optimization strategies in commercial tier management reviews, commercial negotiations, cost analysis and equipment selections

a. Addressing supplier risk through mitigation plans
b. Defining terms and conditions in corporate purchase agreements.
c. Assessing supplier service and training health and defining contingency/risk mitigation plans.
This position requires a minimum Bachelor of Science degree in an engineering or a business related filed. A graduate degree is also preferred but not required. Candidate must have demonstrated leadership and influencing skills to lead teams. Additional qualifications include:

1. At least 5-7 years of TD and Factory experience or working directly with TD and factory customers
2. At least 5-7 years of commercial experience working with suppliers and negotiating contracts
3. Ability to achieve results and have demonstrated ability to lead and drive projects across multiple organizations. This includes identification of problem, development of strategy, creation of teams, and implementation of solution.
4. Demonstrated ability to lead and influence the appropriate level of TMG and GSM stakeholders/managers and influence change across a team or organization
5. Strong analytical, decision making, and problem solving skills
6. Strong drive, initiative, and can do attitude
7. Attention to detail and the ability to remain focused and calm during high stress situations
8. Strategic and creative thinking is a must
9. Ability to develop and grow strong relationships with internal customers/stakeholders and external suppliers
10. Experience working within the Intel supply chain and a strong understanding of the equipment lifecycle as well as GSM's procurement systems
11. Strong knowledge of Fab manufacturing process and equipment functionality in the technical environment
12. Must be able to travel and must have flexible working hours to accommodate business needs

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