Supply Chain Engineering Co-Op

IBM Systems, Supply Chain Engineering group is looking for a  Mechanical Engineering Co-op in San Jose, CA.

This mechanical engineering role is responsible for developing new tooling and equipment for the Linear Tape Open tape drive new products related to head and drive testing.  The responsibility requires gaining knowledge of the product and process in order to develop the most efficient testing method to ensure outgoing product quality.  You'll be working with many different engineering disciplines to ensure the most robust process and equipment design.  Team collaboration and mechanical engineering skills are a key aspect to ensuring success.  Matlab proficiency or skills in other programming languages like Java, C++, or Python would be ideal  Additionally, the ability to adapt and apply skills to the situation and product changes are essential.  A passion for exploring other engineering disciplines along with being hands with the hardware is critical to ensure success for both the employee and IBM.
Candidate should be a student enrolled in a degree program in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering.

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