Systems Engineer Director - (E6)

  • Company: Applied Materials
  • Posted: January 28, 2017
  • Reference ID: 1700630
Recognized as an external thought leader within a strategic function or discipline. Influences the strategy to address internal or external business and regulatory issues. Proactively identifies and solves the most complex problems that impact the management and direction of the business. May participate in the development of the product or business strategy. Leads multidisciplinary projects or initiatives. Progression to this level is typically restricted on the basis of individual capabilities and business requirements.Key Responsibilities
  1. Lead and/or develop and execute unusually complex projects having a substantial mix of electrical, mechanical, physics, algorithms and software design, which are leading edge of system functionality or technology; spearhead research and development of new technologies as appropriate; and work with Marketing to insure the meet market requirement specifications (MRS) is valid and attainable.
  2. Use systems analysis to create a diagram in order to review specifications, influence product engineering and software to utilize system engineering concepts for new, unusually complex designs and ongoing engineering improvements, and supervise tests.
  3. Interface with other business units to workout design, systems architecture development and integration issues by utilizing concepts from other business units or influencing other business units to utilize concepts.
  4. Problem identification and troubleshooting unusually complex engineering problems, which are on leading edge of technology or system functionality.
  5. Review system engineering test results and architecture development ideas. Influence and communicate change in adjusting design direction as necessary.
  6. Support System Integration during the assembly and final testing of new product designs.
  7. Work with vendors to develop new competitive products. Takes business issues and architecture development findings into consideration, and works to gain acceptance and use across business units. Develop metrics that aid in the decision making for future business opportunities
  8. Develop and assure that the requirements of the systems architecture development process are met.

Functional Knowledge
  • Recognized as "guru" or external expert in a function
  • Demonstrates broad and comprehensive expertise in leading-edge theories, techniques and/or technologies within own field

Business Expertise
  • Influences internal/external business and/or regulatory issues that have an impact on the business

  • Leads highly visible multidisciplinary project teams or initiatives; provides thought leadership

Problem Solving
  • Proactively identifies and solves the most complex problems; uses ground-breaking methods to think beyond existing solutions

  • Impacts business direction through the development of innovative services or products

Interpersonal Skills
  • Negotiates with senior management, customers, regulators or vendors to influence decisions

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • 10 - 15 Years of Experience
Applied Materials is committed to diversity in its workforce including Equal Employment Opportunity for Minorities, Females, Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities.

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