Systems Security Administrator

Responsibilities ? Performs deployment, administration, management, configuration, upgrade, testing, and integration tasks related to infrastructure administration/deployment/security endpoint platforms. ? Develop, implement, and execute standard procedures/documentation for the administration, content management, change management, version/patch management, and lifecycle management for the endpoint platform. ? Manage, test and deploy agents for all Bank supported OS instances ? Conduct testing and evaluation of new OS releases and patches ? Test and validate all new content requests/modifications won?t affect the performance of the end systems ? Provide support for L2 issue escalations/tickets Must Have Experience: ? 3+ years of experience engineering and deploying server and desktop solutions for orchestration or deployment endpoint tools in a large enterprise environment. Deployment experience should include support of security configuration management. o Previous experience creating custom content for use in an enterprise deployment. o Previous experience in production readiness and operational support o Previous production experience in endpoint security management support and implementation in an enterprise of 80,000+ endpoints ? Strong understanding of the orchestration or endpoint security solutions from a hardware, software and the security content management/configuration perspective ? Strong QA testing methodologies that can support a large enterprise ? Previous scripting experience related to endpoint desired or solid scripting background specifically in vbscript, powershell, and batch scripting. ? Documenting and updating all knowledge of the endpoint platform from testing/results collected, to the content management/configuration/testing/vetting and implementation process. ? Extensive expertise with large-scale agent-based enterprise systems management solutions (e.g., SCCM, Altiris, LanDesk, BigFix, McAfee/Symantec, BMC, Marimba, etc.) ? In-depth operating system knowledge of Windows (Server and client) and Unix/Linux systems o Understanding and knowledge of system (OS) level errors/anomalies that indicate potential indications of compromise or other suspicious activities ? Software packaging and deployment experience (exe. msi, SCCM) ? Experienced in standard image development, management, and deployment ? Strong communication skills across the organization to get tasks completed as proficiently as possible o Ability to interact with Enterprise architecture and infrastructure support personnel ?Security endpoint management software experience is preferred (Tanium, Crowdstrike Falcon, Carbon Black, etc.), but other relevant work experience (other endpoint orchestration and deployment solution at an enterprise of 50,000+ users in a production readiness and operational capacity) will be considered

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