Technical Account Manager
Alpharetta , Georgia
November 17, 2017

Robert Half Technology is hiring for a Technical Account Manager in Roswell, GA Email: Purpose Maintaining the customer relationship is the most important order of business. In those times where we fall short of customer expectations, it will be the relationship and good communication that will afford us the chance to recover and keep the customer happy and maintained. The Technical Account Manager's character, skills, and responsibilities, when diligently applied, will be key in this effort. The tools and processes, when properly executed and well managed, will complete the formula for Technical Account Management success in making a World-Class provider of IT support and services. The TAM is a hybrid position thus requiring a hybrid character set. The individual needs to understand technology and how things fit (and more importantly how they don't). They need to be professional and speak to high level executives regarding high level issues that have high level financial impact to business that is accountable to keep running. The TAM needs to also be able to speak to office managers and end-user points of contact with empathy and understanding, never being condescending. The TAM has to bridge the relationship between the customer and the support teams, acting as client advocate first, and then sympathizer/supporter of the back-office, in managing the client's needs and expectations The Technical Account Manager is very good listener and can sift through what can be a barrage of peripheral needs and/or complaints and boil that down into singular root solutions or issues. Discipline is required to ensure that the needs/issues discovery is translated into the tools and internal processes to ensure action items are followed through on. The TAM must earn the trust and respect of the customer by following through and providing tangible results. The Technical Account Manager can be wrong and survive, but in doing so is the result of knowing where they could be wrong ahead of time, and setting those expectations. Preparation is king when delivering information. The TAM is an everyman. They must be able to shift from personality to personality in the customer base, good networks and bad, great wins and heartbreaking losses, all while maintaining a professional calm and understanding of all. There are going to be Stretches of bad business that they must be accountable for (whether their bad or not) and there will be stretches of good business that they must work to sustain and share the wins with the team. The best Technical Account Managers survive and thrive with all of these forces pulling in different directions through discipline, dedication, and determination in their craft and their own eagerness to succeed .

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