Technical Project/Program Management III - (E3)

  • Company: Applied Materials
  • Posted: March 30, 2017
  • Reference ID: 1701503
Requires in-depth knowledge and experience of system structure, build and project management.
Uses best practices and knowledge of internalor external business issues to improve products orservices.
Solves complex problems; takes anew perspective using existing solutions.
Works independently, receives minimal guidance.
Acts as a resource for colleagues with less experience.
  1. Will prepare project plan and coordinates the attainment of projectdeliverables from planning to implementation. Maintains matrix for process improvements
  2. Will drive projectdeliverables and task details by through the use reports, tracking charts and, checklists.
  3. Aligns the activities of resources internal to the business unit to achieve on-time and within budget performance objectives for the project.
  4. Makes a pre-installation assessment, not limited to, facility, BOM, Configuration, structure and system constraints
  5. Monitors, and reports tothe business unit on project's cost performance.
  6. Will participate on intra business unit design teams to complete projects.
  7. Will contribute to the team's technical development in the pursuit of the team's project goals.
  8. Will research causes to project obstacles and assist in implementing solutions for resolution.
  9. Tracks Installation from CARM to CAR
  10. Track and manage cost, quality (NC performance) and cycle time
  11. Flag Risks: Cost, high NC count, Systemic problems
  12. Drives escalations ensuring process measures
  13. Leverages Outreach/Customer Experience team to resolve Quality and NC excursions
  14. Drive Systemic improvements, CIP activities - (Customer and Product specific)
  15. Leads (system specific): Pre-CARM, Reviews (BOM, NSR, NC, Specifications, etc)
  16. Manages timely Manufacturing owned issues
  17. Validate Integrity of NC Problem Statement information originating from system installations
  18. Aligns System Config with SSG, I&W and FSO teams
  19. Aligns with FSO to identify customer specific needs
  20. Learns from Installation support and drives learnings back to Design, Manufacturing, Packaging and Documentation improvements

Functional Knowledge
- Demonstrates conceptual and practical expertise in own discipline and basic knowledge ofrelated disciplines

Business Expertise
-Has knowledge of best practices and how own area integrates with others; is aware of the competition and the factors that differentiate them in the market

- Actsasa resource for colleagues with less experience; may lead small projects with manageable risks and resource requirements

-Solves complex problems; takes anew perspective on existing solutions; exercises judgment based on the analysis of multiple sources ofinformation

-Impacts a range ofcustomer, operational, project or service activities within own team and other related teams; works within broad guidelines and policies

Interpersonal Skills
- Explains difficult orsensitive information; worksto build consensus.
- Builds relationships; manages and diffuses conflict
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • 4 - 7 Years of Experience
Applied Materials is committed to diversity in its workforce including Equal Employment Opportunity for Minorities, Females, Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities.

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