Technical Services Rep

  • Company: R R Donnelley
  • Posted: January 17, 2017
  • Reference ID: 206009

Work in conjunction with the sales staff to generate leads and propose technology solutions to potential or existing clients. Oversee the planning and implementation of new technology solutions. Oversee customer support and maintenance for all online clients. Act as a resource in marketing and business development initiatives.

Work assignments are typically both a mix of routine and non-routine work that often requires deviation from accepted practice and procedures to complete given wide variety of circumstances encountered in the job. Work is reviewed primarily for end results and is performed under general guidelines or procedures which include administrative directives in the form of rules, policies, and established precedents pertinent to the assignment. Ability to establish own priorities


Marketing Initiatives:



  • Represent the company in industry blogs and social media 
  • Design and coordinate ongoing marketing and sales campaigns 
  • Holiday Campaigns 
  • Multi-Touch / Cross-Media campaigns 
  • Email 
  • Website / Micro-sites / PURLs 
  • Text 
  • Direct Mail 
  • Analytics 
  • Design and coordinate one-off marketing pieces including but not limited to: 
  • Direct Mail, Brochures, Flyers, Photobooks, Calendars, Banners, White Papers, and Cast Studies 
  • Stationery, Presentations via Powerpoint or Prezi

Tradeshows / Events: 

  • Booth layout & graphics 
  • Pre-Show Marketing 
  • On-Site Marketing Materials 
  • On-site "Elevator Speeches" 
  • On-site Demos or other visuals 
  • Premium Items 
  • Attendee Offers 
  • Post-Show Marketing / Follow-up 

Websites / Domains

  • Maintain and update websites as needed 
  • Primary domains – & 
  • Create new domain names and set up hosting on Mediatemple or for one-off campaigns, or client URLs. For example: 
  • (tumbleweed) 
  • (storefront) 
  • (one-off sales campaign) 
  • Receive contact form emails from and forward or answer accordingly 

Solutions Software Support 

  • The Solutions Software Support role will act as a connection between the Solutions Coordinators and Business Developers, and the different Production Departments, to ensure the most seamless production workflow possible upon site launches, as well as product or campaign additions. 
  • The Solutions Software Support individual(s) will assist the development of certain aspects of site builds and configurations (outlined below), and therefore should become familiar with each Storefront site owned by Frederic Printing. 

Below are the tasks assigned to Solutions Software Support: 

General Storefront Site Configuration/Modification

  • Site Build 
  • Determine business rules/requirements for new sites 
  • Work with client to decide site branding, skinning, features, shipping, payment, etc. 
  • Plan and coordinate site programming/launch with all involved parties (e.g., Corporate Streamline team, client marketing team, client legal team, sales rep) 
  • Product Management 
  • Add new products 
  • Archive out of stock products 
  • Image/Thumbnail Creation and upload 
  • Edit descriptions, meta data for products 
  • User Management 
  • Add new users 
  • Archive old users 
  • Make user adjustments (access, view, etc.) 
  • Site Graphics 
  • Assist when necessary with site graphic design or updates



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