Telephone Operations Engineer III

Join the Telephony Operations Translations team as an experienced carrier engineer, where you will be helping to implement translations and associated screening, routing and billing configurations within the residential and commercial voice platforms. You will reference Advanced Engineering Designs, as well as data from the Call Monitoring tools suite to guide your solutions. You will also document switch and telephony architecture as well as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

  • Support central office switches, (Switches may be Constant Bit Rate (CBR)/ Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) or packet based such as Voice Over IP soft switches ) provisioning, troubleshooting and resolving trouble tickets
  • Conducts daily detailed call flow monitoring using Network Monitoring tools, e.g. Wireshark, Empirix, Netscout, etc.
  • Follows established guidelines for telephone network daily health check procedures and determines call out protocols during outage situations.
  • Create Acceptance Test Plans to validate translations implementations or configurations changes
  • Manages all telephony equipment under minimal supervision.
  • Configures and troubleshoots SS7, ISUP, and SIP unassisted.
  • Assists and coordinates the efforts of other TOE I/II in configuring and troubleshooting SS7, ISUP, and SIP.
  • Assists with the trouble shooting efforts during major outages.
  • Assumes a leadership role during major outages, coordinating not only within the Telephony group but between functional areas, as well as in all Residential and Business telephony issues.
  • Prepares detailed RCA documentation as a post mortem for critical outages.
  • Leads installation and turn up of Trunk Groups and augments as determined by Traffic and Capacity Team.
  • Understands telephony circuit architecture concepts, OC12, OC3, DS3, DS1 etc.
  • Creates mops for other TOE for implementation, review and guides other TOE in mop creation and implementation.
  • Documents switch and telephone network architecture.
  • Assists other Engineers in documenting switch and telephone network architecture.
  • Creates documentation standards and assists and guides other TOE in the implementation of the standards.
  • Demonstrates IP knowledge, L2, L3, TCP, UDP and telephony equivalents, ability to troubleshoot IP connectivity issues, ability to direct IP connectivity trouble-shooting or CCNA and ability to direct trouble shooting efforts.
  • Supports all core telephony equipment including hardware and software upgrades and maintenance.
  • Evaluates and plans for core telephony equipment changes and expansions.
  • Guides and assists other TOE in maintaining, upgrading and deploying core telephony equipment.
  • Assists in the development of on-going reporting
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field or equivalent work experience.
  • 3 years Wireline, Wireless, or Broadband telephony switch installation or administration
  • 3 years Database management and network configuration work experience
  • 3 years Telephone Industry Experience
  • Solid understanding of common word processing, spreadsheet, Presentation, Design software and concepts.
  • Firm grasp of TCP/IP standard applications (Telnet, SSH, FTP, SMTP, HTTP
  • Ability to effectively communicate with employees, customers, suppliers, in person, on the phone, and by written communications in a clear, straight-forward, and professional manner.
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot during outage situations
  • Advanced knowledge of telephony disciplines (SBC, VoIP Switch, SIP protocol, etc.)
  • Demonstrates critical thinking skills during stressful or complex projects.
  • Solid understanding of personal computer and software applications.
  • Valid driver's license with satisfactory driving record within Company required standards.

  • Knowledgeable in VoIP network, Dial plans, LERG, Call routing, FCC Regulations call routing, NANPA,SIP & SS7 trunking, SIP, and ISUP protocols
  • Ability to develop specific Acceptance Test Plans to validate translations implementations or config changes
  • Creation and execution of SOPs & MOPs
  • CCNA/CCIE or other industry certifications
  • Knowledge of company products and services

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