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Adecco is currently assisting a local client recruiting for a Mold and Tool Maker B in Stratford, CT. This is a direct hire opportunity. The ideal candidate is expected to plan and perform a wide range of machine and bench operations connected with the construction, alteration, maintenance, and repair of all types of tooling, jigs, fixtures, dies, mold tools, special holding devices, fixtures for production machines, special purpose tooling, gages such as go-no-go, height and angle gages, snap gages, and various fixed gages. If you meet the qualifications please Apply Now!

Responsibilities for Tool and Mold Maker jobs include but are not limited to:
- Must be able to read and comprehend blueprints and technical data. Design is usually available but considerable development work as to mechanisms and details is required; make sketches, interpret drawings, specifications, sketches and plan and layout work where no design is available.
- Be able to move (push, pull, or otherwise manipulate) materials up to 75 lbs.
- Perform a wide range of machine tool operations to close tolerances to produce new or repair parts. Operate a machine tool while standing for a period of ten to twelve hours and use hands to reach overhead to perform necessary functions on machine.
- Be able to coordinately use both hands in a sitting and/or standing position to operate a surface grinder.
- Make correct decisions as to fits, finishes, machining and assembly sequences in order to produce workable parts; working out mechanisms and details and maintaining very close tolerances and interrelationships.
- Be able to bend, lift, stand, and climb in order to assemble or repair machines.
- Perform operations requiring skilled bench work involving filing, scraping, lapping, fitting, timing, assembly, and adjusting in order to produce workable units.
- Perform major maintenance and repair on all types of machines and equipment in all departments. Diagnose mechanical or operational trouble and determine extent of repairs necessary. Tear down units and repair or replace worn or broken parts; reassemble and try out unit.
- Visualize finished jobs, make necessary calculations and select allowances for metal flow, spring, shrinkage, machining, finishing. Recognize and report for correction any errors in blueprints that would interfere with production. Confer with proper supervision as to the solution of specific problems.
- Occasionally required to devise temporary tooling or alter existing tooling in order to obtain desired results
- Understand Mold Detail tolerances and apply this knowledge to the measurement of mold details.
- Document all measurements on the mold cavitation sheet.
- Perform heat and water testing of the molds before and after repairs and maintenance.
- Achieve established mold maintenance times and expected quantity of work
- Climb on and around molding machines to work on molds and equipment. Climb no more than 3 ft.


- High School Diploma or GED.
- Completion of a recognized Tool & Die Apprenticeship program.
- A minimum of 5 years' experience in the fabrication, assembly, repair and maintenance of insert mold machines, assembly equipment and fixtures a plus.
- Experience with Progressive Dies.

This position pays $20/hr. and is on 1st shift.

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