Trades VII Instrumentation - Ft. Pierce, FL (Tropicana) Nights

  • Company: PepsiCo
  • Location: Fort Pierce, Florida
  • Posted: July 28, 2016
  • Reference ID: 5000122953910

* Have minimum of 6 years or more experience in the E-I field, equivalent formal training plus experience, or equivalent related experience.
* Intermediate PLC troubleshooting including both discrete and analog devices
* Disassemble units, determine extent of trouble, repair or replace components, reassemble, and adjust for proper operation
* Understand operating principles of instruments, control loops (PID), and other analog devices. Knowledge of servo motor control and associated software.
* Understand how juice systems and packaging equipment work
* Trained and basic capability on applicable PLC software, HMI software, and field device networks.
* Trained and demonstrated capability on carton, case and pallet coding systems (Video Jets, Weber Labelers, etc)
* Read, understand and troubleshoot from Process & Instrumentation Diagrams, pinning charts, and functional system descriptions.
* Plan, layout and perform a wide range of installation, repair, and maintenance operations on a full range of electrical equipment and circuitry throughout the plant.
* Install, maintain and repair (complex automatic controls, generating equipment, transformers, motor control centers, and related electrical equipment, including PLC's and VFD's).
* Install, maintain and repair Medium Voltage ( 480 v) motors and power distribution systems, including transformers, motor starters, switchgear etc.
* Perform troubleshooting of PLC's, PLC code, and discrete I/O devices using a laptop or personal computer or screen.
* Perform basic troubleshooting of (field device networks ControlNet and DeviceNet) using laptop or screen.
* Program and troubleshoot VFD's using HIM module and / or other tools or software.
* Have basic understanding of the National Electric Code and other reference materials and charts.
* Have math skills as needed for measuring and calculating electrical formulas
* Be able to identify electrical components and follow wiring diagrams drawings and schematics.
* Have a sound basic knowledge of PC's, printers and their associated software (Windows, Word, Excel, etc...)
* Perform material procurement duties using SAP
* Develop competencies through formal and on-the-job training to perform calibrations on instruments such as Level & Pressure Transmitters, Temperature measuring devices, Conductivity Sensors, etc. and achieve ISA level 1 Certified Control Systems Technician or equivalent
* Make technical decisions and effectively prioritize scheduled work and projects with a minimum of interference or delay to production
* Perform other related duties assigned by management

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