Vice President of Support Services

  • Company: Hospital Corporation of America
  • Location: Richmond, Virginia
  • Posted: December 07, 2017
  • Reference ID: 07848-14542
Job Summary - This position is responsible for the assessment, development, and implementation of a support services strategy that includes and may not be limited to environmental services and food and nutrition services for HCA facilities in their respective division. This position is responsible for driving positive change through leading initiatives that supports operational and expense management through standardization of people, processes, and technology. This position is responsible for building strategic alliances with Hospital Executive Staff, EVS, and FNS Department Directors as it relates to successfully executing the services required.

Key Responsibilities Include But Not Limited To:

1. Leadership
a. Provides leadership in the area of operations and expense management to the Division and individual facilities overall strategic plan to improve Environmental (EVS) and Food and Nutritional Services (FNS)
b. Provides direct leadership in the oversight and accountability for the operational effectiveness for EVS and FNS management plan that will reduce practice variation and will:
a. Improve HCAHPS
b. Improve employee engagement
c. Improve expenses
c. Collaborates with the division and facility teams to assimilate information from a variety of sources, able to analyze data, make strategic recommendations and executes a course of action for overall improvement in both quality and expense for EVS and FNS.
d. Develops, implements, and coordinates within the system and facilities:
i. A system approach to expense savings opportunities
ii. Policies and procedures related to EVS and FNS management
iii. Product standardization and utilization
iv. Participates in development and implementation of best practices

2. Customer Service
a. Creates internal customer confidence, committed to increasing customer satisfaction, and managing customer expectations through alignment of key constituency groups
b. Demonstrates responsibility for solving customer challenges, ensures commitments to customers are met by soliciting opinions and ideas from customers for improvements in products and services.
c. Collaborates with a wide variety of stakeholders (internal and external) to ensure solutions are responsive to customer needs and market opportunities.
d. Demonstrates the ability to build and maintain strong effective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders within the division and facility leadership, Supply Chain, and HealthTrust

3. Financial
a. Establishes and meets expense savings goals of the division and facilities
b. Collaborates with divisions and facility to track and analyze financial data
c. Provides expense saving enhancement strategies for supplies working with hospital leadership teams and facility representatives
d. Develops standardized documents, processes, and calculations for use by the team to quantify savings solutions

4. Project Management
a. Directs multiple projects and tasks in a fast paced environment that includes:
i. Strong organizational skills, including the ability to plan, implement, and execute
ii. The ability to focus and execute exceptional time management
b. Demonstrates the ability to develop a project plan for major and complex projects
c. Demonstrates an understanding of project management methodologies which include but are not limited to: common processes, practices and tools associated with project management.
d. Assign goals to direct reports and facility teams and monitors goal achievement

5. General Knowledge/Competencies
a. Demonstrates a knowledge of EVS and FNS in an healthcare organization
b. Provides effective communication which includes verbal and good listening, writing, and presentation skills to a variety of stakeholders from executives to staff.
c. Demonstrates the ability to operate within the division and facility's formal and informal structures, builds relationships across departments, is appropriately diplomatic, understands roles and perspectives
d. Demonstrates ability to work in a professional, multi-disciplinary team as a group leader, facilitator, or participant
e. Leads and develops the EVS and FNS teams providing direction, coaching and appraising performance.
f. Demonstrates effective problem solving skills which includes understanding issues, able to simply and process complex issues, understanding the difference between critical details and unimportant facts, can make difficult decisions, uses consensus when possible, and communicates those decisions to others.
g. Demonstrates the ability to manage conflict resolution by using common approaches and facilitation techniques to lead teams to alignment and high performance levels.
h. Serve as the external face for the company and presents at industry events as needed.
i. Practices and adheres to the Code of Conduct philosophy, mission and vision statements.

EDUCAT EDUCATION - A Baccalaureate degree required. Master's degree preferred. EXPERIENCE - Minimum of 10 years of progressive management experience with multi-site operations in Healthcare food services and/or Environmental Services CERTIFICATE/LICENSE - Appropriate to education

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