VPI Packaging Engineer
Columbus , Indiana
December 17, 2017
Trains, coaches and mentors entry level Packaging Engineers
Applies specialized knowledge of engineering principles and practices across various areas and projects in the design, analysis and release of packaging and container systems through the product life cycle
Support the VPI process and New Plant Start up process as required
Work cross-functionally and with external entities (Customers & Suppliers) to specify and design appropriate returnable and expendable packaging & containers for finished products and components for new program products
Support continuous improvement in the supply chain, improving total cost and/or Customer /Supplier delivered quality
Work cross-functionally and with external entities (Customers & Suppliers) to identify and deliver improvements to packaging of current products in order to reduce total cost, handling and waste disposal
Design proper packaging to protect and preserve product
Define returnable container fleet size requirements considering logistics and inventory stocking levels
Develop plant specific packaging guidelines complying with Corporate Guidelines while considering safety, plant specific racking, line side presentation needs, and equipment constraints
Work with Supplier Quality to ensure direct suppliers conformance to packaging standards
Ensure ISPM#15 Phytosanitary Requirements on international shipments are met for inbound shipments and outbound shipments
Monitor and lead projects to reduce packaging costs
Support Indirect Purchasing to develop RFP documents and solicit packaging quotes, as required, using Cummins approved packaging suppliers
Product Integration, Verification & Validation - Understands and applies processes. tools/ skills involved in verifying and validating a solution to a problem, which is embodied in the statement of the requirements, has been developed. Testing is a multi-stage process that consists of activities for validating the product, from the most primitive elements up to the fully integrated system. The verification / validation includes activities such as component testing, integration testing, system testing, performance testing, acceptance testing, and installation testing.

Manage Execution - Demonstrated results indicating deep knowledge of managing execution. Coordinates performance across regions, teams, and departments on complex projects and work flows. Applies a broad range of planning and monitoring tools. Defines planning and review practices that result in few missed milestones and minimal surprises. Effectively delegates to ensure completion of complex projects and work. Monitors progress of others and redirects efforts when goals change or are not met. Measures effectiveness of execution through defined metrics and disciplined monitoring.

Effective Meetings - Has user proficiency and has significant experience in effective meetings. Trains and/or mentors this skill.

Schedule Management - Identification and tracking work tasks, dependencies, and timing for a project. User proficiency plus, significant experience in schedule management, including ability to train and/or mentor this skill. Has dealt with more complex schedules integrating multiple sub-projects, is able to coach a should mapping exercise, and/or has an advanced level of proficiency with schedule management tools.

Supply Chain Knowledge - Works in or with the Supply Chain functions and has knowledge of how the functions work to meet our end customer's requirements.

Analyze Issues - Demonstrated results indicating deep knowledge of analyzing issues. Critically identifies an issue's scope and parameters while analyzing it from multiple perspectives. Determines the root causes as well as broad implications of issues. Integrates information and defines an array of alternatives. Applies a wide variety of analytical tools and processes (e.g. Six Sigma) on a regular basis to complete key projects and solve complex problems.

Fosters Open Communication - Demonstrated results indicating deep knowledge of fostering open communication. Expresses reactions and opinions without intimidating others. Actively encourages others to express their honest views, even contrary ones and listens actively to all viewpoints. Encourages others to share information in an organized and effective manner. Conducts periodic department or division wide informational meetings. Develops processes, plans, and schedules to provide relevant information and obtain feedback from the organization.

Cross Functional knowledge - Understands the basic high-level tasks for each functional area (Marketing, Technical, Purchasing, Planning & Logistics, etc) Education, Licenses, Certifications
Bachelor's degree in Engineering or related discipline is required. Packaging Engineering degree is highly preferred.
3-5 years of Packaging Engineering or related experience is required
Additional Responsibilities:
In addition to a foundational understanding of Packaging Engineering and containerization, mechanical aptitude, logistics knowledge, business acumen and communication skills are critical qualifications.

The VPI Packaging Engineer candidate requires a broad range of capabilities and potential for development.
  • The scope of work will include design development of Finished Goods packaging and containerization ranging from expendable & plastic media to steel shipping racks
  • CES products are notoriously complicated by prolific configuration offerings, as for any given platform and application, liberal product design rules allow for integration with multiple customer's equipment chassis, engine and exhaust-out systems, thus requiring interpretation and application of a complex problem solving mindset
  • The scope of work will include language and document creation ranging from; support of sourcing work (in collaboration with CIP), design development & project management, engineering drawing & specification creation, logistics analysis, business case analysis, presentation materials creation & recommendation
  • The scope of work will reach upstream into Supplier Parts packaging, in-process packaging & material handling and will include considerations for Operations integration and PFEP
As Automotive/Industrial packaging & containerization is fundamentally structural in nature, the candidate must understand mechanical parts & assemblies and must integrate engineered packaging solutions into a manufacturing environment, thus the candidate must display an inherent mechanical aptitude and interest.
  • This may be evidenced through course work and work experience relating to packaging, packaging equipment & machinery, shop operations and associated manufacturing equipment & machinery and outside interests/hobbies
  • The candidate must have print reading capabilities and experience in engineering drawing/specification creation
  • The candidate will display a passion for the Automotive/Industrial packaging discipline over a consumer goods or print media packaging vocation
The candidate will display an understanding of the various distribution paths, environments and associated duress commonly experienced in Automotive/Industrial packaging ranging from service parts flow to the cyclic nature of returnable container systems.
  • The scope of work will include collaboration with and support of Planning & Logistics function team members in fleet sizing analysis and recommendation
The scope of work will include application of business acumen ranging from technical & cost based analysis and decision making to collaboration with, and support of, CIP in sourcing activities and negotiations.
  • The candidate will display an aptitude in business acumen that supports the design and execution of business case studies-to-recommendation as well as in negotiating strategy creation/collaboration

The candidate will be articulate displaying a strong packaging technical vocabulary complimenting a logical and intuitive progression in messaging and summation
  • The candidate will be articulate, displaying a strong mechanical and business vocabulary with an appropriate level of specificity to support advanced detailed communications
  • This attribute presumes to translate into sound written skills which would also include an element of legalese as required in sourcing and business related document creation

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