Warehouse Worker BE Engl

Job Title : Warehouse Worker
Summary - Insure the timely processing of customer orders through any and all procedure and functions of the Distribution Center.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (other duties may be assigned) -
  • Pull and ship orders to customers in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Maintain inventory accuracy when moving product. Always move the correct quantity to/from the correct location.
  • Insure timely processing of transactions through the computer system.
  • Use proper care and concern to insure safe handling of material and order through the DC to avoid personal injury and property damage. This includes using all powered equipment in a safe manner.
  • Verify product to be selected matches the label on product and location to insure the correct material being shipped.
  • Verify shipping documents and labels to insure product is shipped to the proper customer. Audit when necessary.
  • Indicate on pick list any overage or shortages to insure proper invoicing and for back ordered product.
  • Stack product on pallet in a manner to prevent damage in shipment. Stretch wrap the pallet.
  • Load product on trailer in order to maximize efficiency in space used.
  • Replenish inventory into prime locations and perform necessary system transactions. Keep work area clean and orderly.

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