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Robert Half's consulting division is growing and ready to hire a new .NET developer.

Salaried Professional Service (SPS) hires the best programmers to complete project-based work with the backing of full-time employment and benefits.

If you are comfortable meeting with clients, assessing their issues and needs, meeting and exceeding deadlines, creating custom work, suggesting and implementing new ideas, and leaving projects in a better place, SPS is for you.

SPS Consultants are experts in their given languages, but are not afraid to learn something new. Consultants often enter a project as a C# developer and leave with new skills like AngularJS, MongoDB, or experience as a DBA. SPS is looking for IT champions local companies need.

SPS is ready to meet and interview full-stack .NET professionals with talents using C#, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL, JavaScript, AngularJS, reactjs, HTML, and CSS in an Agile environment. Programmers should have experience working and completing projects with the ability to multitask. Two or more years in development is ideal as the ability to apply real-world examples and experience is key to a professional Consultant.

Please apply by sending resumes to chuck.wirtz@rht.com or by calling 513.621.6890.

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